Vasilis Gouvatsos

Mixing Engineer


Vasilis is a Producer, Mixer and Recording Engineer who has worked on albums by Nightstalker, Heritage, Allen’s Hand, Exarsis, Stone Cold Dead, Daylight Misery, 3Fold Pain, The Stringbeans, Geronimo Paulette, Alessio Castellacci, Dakrya, Automaton, Stoned Spirit, Inexist amongst others. He lives in Greece​ and based at Q Mixing & Mastering Studio (Founder – Owner). He was also the co-owner of “Grindhouse studio Athens” (2008 – 2016), FOH and stage engineer on Live Music Stages and Tours, as well as a DJ and Web Radio Producer. 

This is the most complete summary of his studio work.  We Keep it simple, only with projects and audio samples, so you can get in touch with his sound approach.

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